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Information related to the project development

>> Snowball partner LUPT has published two articles in relation to the snowball project and cascading effects

Snowball partner LUPT has published two articles in relation to the snowball project and cascading effects.

>> Snowball project deliverables published

Snowball partners have published part of the project deliverables in their public version, have a look at them now here

>> Snowball project report

The project is now finished. The scientific research has allowed the development of innovative tools to better assess the impact of cascading effect during a crisis and to help the preparedness by simulating the events occurring during a potential crisis. Read more

>> Snowball presentations at the DRMKC and UNISDR-EFDRR Open Forum Istanbul

Snowball attended the “DRMKC workshop with FP7 and H2020 projects on critical infrastructure protection Brussels, March 15-16th, 2017”. Giulio Zuccaro made a complete presentation of the project. Read more

>> Snowball final conference

Snowball has held its final conference along with 4 other EU funded project, CascEff, CIPRNet, FORTRESS and PREDICT, in Brussels on March 16th&17th. You can get the presentations displayed here:

>> Snowball final conference in Brussels

Snowball will hold its final conference in Brussels along with 4 other projects on March 16th & 17th. Check our registration website here:


The project has officially ended in February. It is now time to make available the outputs of the project. The main deliverables and the presentations of the developed tools will be available on our website very soon. Read more


Since our last newsletter, the Snowball consortium has defined the specifications of the whole system and refined its vision of cascading effect. The previous work has allowed the consortium to enter the last phase of the project: the simulations and tests on past crisis. Read more

>> Sixth management meeting in Kuopio

On October 5th & 6th, the partners are gathering in Finland for the last management meeting. The outcomes will be published here soon!

>> SnowBall Decision Support Algorithm at the ICDSST2016 conference

On Tuesday 24th, Enrico Palumbo is presenting the paper about the SnowBall Decision Support Algorithm at the ICDSST2016 conference, in Plymouth, England
“SnowBall DSS: an ensemble Multi-Criteria Decision Support System encompassing cascading effects for disaster management”, Enrico Palumbo, Michele Osella, Giuseppe Rizzo, Enrico Ferro, Giulio Zuccaro, Mattia Leone and Daniela De Gregorio

>> First Snowball newsletter

The objective of the newsletters is to keep you informed about the achievements of the project and the planned activities. Concerning this first newsletter, a lot has happened during the past 15 months. Here is a presentation of the project, and an overview of the first research conclusions. Read more

>> The project gets social

The Snowball project is now on Twitter.
Stay tuned and follow us at @SnowballEU

>> Survey on needs of end-users

We need your help. In order to design a tool that is fitted for its end-users, we are collecting information about the different needs of people involved in crisis management. To reach this goal, we have prepared an online survey aimed at decision makers, first responders and crisis managers. If you fit one of the categories, we would really appreciate it if you could complete the survey at the following link:

>> Third Management Meeting In Freiburg

On the 3rd and 5th of March, consortium met in Freiburg, Germany for the 3rd Management Meeting of the project, after one year of working together. It was the opportunity to discuss the current developments of the project as well as to decide the best solutions to implement the Snowball platform.

>> Second Management Meeting in Naples

The SNOWBALL partners have met September 30th and October 1st, 2014 for the second management meeting of the project. LUPT-PLIVINS was very welcoming and provided very good logistics for the meeting to be as efficient as possible. The outcomes were a better definition of the different modules of the Snowball solution and the way they interact. The partners also had the opportunity to taste the delicious Napolitan food during an organized dinner. The mozzarella was delectable!